Jesus Love Me

From The LordPoems

Alone Again

Lord, why do I always feel alone?
I know You are with me,
And people are all around,
But still I feel alone …….


Pray on the armor of God

Each day this week pray on the armor of God. Here is a sample prayer maybe you post it somewhere to be seen. Always remember in the same way you get dressed physically you must get dressed spiritually.

From The LordPoems

In Memory Of Ruth

God sends His special children,
Into this world of ours;
To human eyes they’re damaged,
Their minds or bodies marred.

But to their loving Father,
Who sees beyond the skin,
There stands a radiant spirit; —
He sees the truth within …….

From The LordLovePoems

Loving Others

There are lessons to learn, and some cannot wait,
But without love we’re left with a space.
To learn how to love and not walk in hate,
We need to come into Your grace.


Remembering 9/11

The events of 9/11 sparked a national question: “If there’s a good God, how could He allow such death and suffering?” This question will likely be on the lips and minds of many again today as they reflect on the tragedy.

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