An Offering

Some bring their silver, some bring their gold,
Some bring a wealth of treasure untold
But all God is wanting, that any should bring,
Is themselves, and their burden, of unforgiven sin.

He sent His Son, the best that He had,
He gave of Himself, and it makes His heart glad,
When we receive gladly, this gift that He gave,
Acknowledge He suffered, our spirits to save.

We cannot out-give Him, though sometimes we try,
And trying to ‘pay’ Him, makes His Spirit cry,
We need to be grateful, rejoice in His love,
Not try to compete with our Father above.

When we give an offering, it must be with care,
A gift of thanksgiving, for the love He did share,
A happy outpouring, of the love He still gives,
A joyous expression, that in our heart, He lives.

It’s never a duty, a burden, a chore,
We should not feel guilty, that we can’t give more,
God’s not an accountant, to check on our books,
It’s deeper within us, to our heart He looks.

He looks on our motives, the ‘why’ that we give,
He looks on our lives, and the way that we live,
It’s no good. in church, to donate a ‘huge pile’,
And then, through the week, not give even a smile.

For God is in people, wherever we go,
Those who love Him, and those He is waiting to know
That He is a loving God, faithful and true,
Will you let them see that God, living in you?

The off’ring God’s wanting, is you every day,
To walk in His love, and to show out His way,
You don’t have to preach, to lecture or shout,
Just show by your living, what His love’s about.

And you will have given, to His greatest need,
A friend, and a servant, His lost lambs to feed,
For wand’ring out there in this vast world around,
Are thousands and millions who’ve not His love found.

We can’t reach the millions, nor thousands, maybe,
But we can be Jesus to those whom we see,
The youth with the ‘tats’ and the wild looking hair,
Watch his face light with pleasure, as a smile you dare share.

The girl with the clothes ‘that don’t cover enough’,
And when you say, “Hi”, her response may be gruff,
But a seed will be planted, such as ‘why did she speak’,
And maybe, one day, the answer she’ll seek.

You may not reap the harvest, nor see the reward,
But God will have noticed, it says in His Word,
He sees the big picture, He knows what will fit,
And all that He asks, is that you do your bit.

Lacking even one piece, a building may fall,
A well with no bucket, is no use at all,
Take a spring from this clock, or a cog from this wheel,
You’re important to God, though you useless, may feel.

So remember your offering, though in cash may not rate,
You have Jesus within you, to change people’s fate,
Let your life be His offering, surrender your will,
He will guide, if you let Him, your heart and mouth fill.

And your offering will grow, in a marvelous way,
As people are drawn, to wonder each day,
What is it she has, that makes her so glad,
The answer’s no secret, — it’s her heavenly Dad!

© Ailsa Yates 27/10/06

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