Become Like Christ

Do you ever wonder,
What God has in mind for you?
Do you ever ask yourself,
What would He have me do?

There are clues He’s given,
Things He’s set out straight,
Check out His instructions,
Before it is too late.

He would have us walk with Him,
Listen to His voice,
Ask Him when we take a stand,
Would it be His choice?

We must humbly come beneath,
His strong but guiding hand,
Give the reverence due to Him,
Let Him rule our land.

Show His love to others,
Judge not, nor condemn,
With the mercy He gives us,
Mercy give to them.

Just must be our actions,
Straight in all we do,
Honest with each one we meet,
Not just a favoured few.

Mirrored in our actions,
They must see God’s love,
Our very being showing out,
Our Father God above.

To the crowd around Him,
Jesus said, “Now see,
If you’d know My Father,
Just you look at Me.”

If we’d be true Christians,
Christ’s Ones, every day,
We must mirror Jesus,
In all we do and say.

You’ve no need to wonder,
What God has in mind for you;
He’s already told us all,
What He would have us do, :—


© Ailsa Yates 21/8/06