Choose to be Holy

Choose to be holy, for your Lord is Holy,
Choose to be holy and pure,
It’s our choice to follow, the Way He has shown,
And His choice, our spirits to cure.

For we were all sinners, and lost in our sin,
Till Christ came to die in our place,
He gave us the right, to come up to the throne,
And to dare to look into God’s face.

No longer a servant, to cower in fear,
From a vengeful and far distant God,
But a child who is chosen, a son and an heir,
Who can follow the path that Christ trod.

His pathway, was honest, and caring, and kind,
Compassion and truth side by side.
No matter our sins or the stains on our soul,
We are welcomed with arms opened wide.

He doesn’t require, that we ‘clean up our act’,
That we ‘get ourselves right’ and then come.
He welcomes us in, and He gives us His heart,
The Spirit of God’s loving Son.

And His heart within us, is beating so pure,
His spirit, so Holy and clean,
That if we’ll allow Him, He’ll show us the way,
And even erase what we’ve been.

It’s not that He takes who we are right away,
He loves us and has from the start;
But He cleanses the wounds and the scars and the sin,
And breathes Life, once again, to our heart.

He takes who we were, whom He meant us to be,
And the damage to us the world’s done,
Like a potter, re-starting, He takes up this clay,
And pummels it all into one.

And as we are kneaded and rolled in His hands,
All the dirt and the grime peel away,
In His mind, is the vessel, we’re going to be
As He purifies His ‘lump of clay’.

They’re the hands of an Artist, the hands of a King,
Of a Father who loves us so well,
They’re hands that did nothing, as He watched His Son die,
So we could be all saved from Hell.

For we are His children, the ones that He loves,
Made equal with His only Son;
Despite what he gave up, He allows us to choose,
If we’ll claim what our Jesus has won.

So though it may hurt, as He pummels away,
And though we may not understand,
We are safe and secure, just as long as we stay,
In the shelter of His loving Hand.

© Ailsa Yates 15/2/02

Once we have declared Jesus as the Lord of our lives, we need to make the choice to allow Him to work His Holiness in us. We are clothed in His righteousness, and if we allow Him, He will work deeper and deeper within us.