You caught my eye across the room and smiled,
My heart leapt within me,
What caused this sudden joy to rise and swell? —
Christ in you.

You brushed your hand across my shoulder,
A simple touch.
So why the warmth that flooded through my spirit? –
Christ in you.

A handshake firm, a gentle honest smile, —
And yet there’s more,
For deep within your eyes, I’m drawn to : —
The Christ in you.

A lonely neighbour, stops to have a chat,
What does she need,
My company, advice or clever wit? —
No, Christ in me.

A fellow shopper, moaning in the mall,
Shall I join in?
Or speak a word of comfort, joy or cheer: —
Through Christ in me.

The aching, hurting, lonely and the lost,
I cannot reach them all;
But I must place before the ones I see, —
The Christ in me.

What will they see, when they are in our church?
A happy group,
Who cling together in exclusion? Or —
The Christ in us.

Will they see love? – One for another,
And for them?
Love they cannot fathom, but which flows :–
From Christ in us.

We may not have the answers that they seek
To all the mysteries of life;
But we can let them see the One who does, —
Christ in us.

© Ailsa Yates 14/3/01

In the words of the popular song, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”. The trouble is, that the world doesn’t just need the love or good deeds that we can offer it, it needs Christ’s Love. If you have given your heart and life to the Lord, then what the world needs to see, is, “Christ in You”.

This poem was inspired by an officer (minister) who came to speak at our Home League (ladies group). his name was Geoff Friend and he radiated God’s love. I understand he has since died in the mission fields, serving and giving his life for his faith.