You caught my eye across the room and smiled,
My heart leapt within me,
What caused this sudden joy to rise and swell? —
Christ in you.

You brushed your hand across my shoulder,
A simple touch.
So why the warmth that flooded through my spirit? –
Christ in you.

A handshake firm, a gentle honest smile, —
And yet there’s more,
For deep within your eyes, I’m drawn to : —
The Christ in you.

A lonely neighbour, stops to have a chat,
What does she need,
My company, advice or clever wit? —
No, Christ in me.

A fellow shopper, moaning in the mall,
Shall I join in?
Or speak a word of comfort, joy or cheer: —
Through Christ in me.

The aching, hurting, lonely and the lost,
I cannot reach them all;
But I must place before the ones I see, —
The Christ in me.

What will they see, when they are in our church?
A happy group,
Who cling together in exclusion? Or —
The Christ in us.

Will they see love? – One for another,
And for them?
Love they cannot fathom, but which flows :–
From Christ in us.

We may not have the answers that they seek
To all the mysteries of life;
But we can let them see the One who does, —
Christ in us.

© Ailsa Yates 14/3/01