Clean Page

Cleansing rain, is falling down,
Washing all, from sky to ground,
A brand new year, a brand new start,
Praise God, praise God, a fresh clean heart.

Each day, He offers mercies new,
Forgiveness flows to me and you,
And He commands we do the same,
Release those who’ve hurt us, again and again.

Releasing them, releases you,
For when we bind them, it binds us too,
And our dear Lord, would have us free,
To be the way, He’d have us be.

For He has tasks for us to do,
We need pure hearts to see them through,
We need to come before His throne,
And claim His cleansing for our own.

For He has grace enough for all,
And from His throne, new mercies fall,
Our God’s the same, from age to age,
And offers all, a fresh, clean page.

He offers each a brand new start,
A chance to have a fresh, clean heart,
That we may write upon each page,
His Words of truth, of love and sage.

So we will lift our voice in praise,
As heavenward our arms we raise,
Our hearts are filled with God’s own love,
That pours like rain from heaven above.

And we will let this love flow out,
To all who need us, round about,
And we will hold His Name in awe,
And learn to praise Him, more and more.

We thank You for the pouring rain,
That brings our land to life again,
And for the gift of this new start,
That brings to life, a stagnant heart.

© Ailsa Yates 1-3/01/06