Do You Know

You are loved beyond measure,
To the Lord, a great treasure,
A lost slave,
Whom He died to set free;
You’re His pride and His joy,
His own girl or boy,
Whatever you think
Or believe.

You are not ‘just a pest’.
Nor lumped in with the rest
Of the world,
For whose souls He would pay.
Though He came to save all,
(We were lost since the fall
Of poor Adam and Eve,
That sad day.)

He looks not at the whole,
But sees each single soul,
As the child
He is longing would see;
Would see He’s their Dad,
That they make His heart glad,
Just by being
The person they be.

We have only to claim,
And lay hold of His Name,
To believe in our heart
And speak out,
That for us, He is King,
And we can’t do a thing,
Without Him.
He’s what life is about.

Do you know that He gave
His own life us to save,
That He died on the Cross
And arose.
And He’d have us all know,
That He planed it just so,
And this was the Way
That He chose.

He chose He would pay
For our sin on that day,
It was only His Blood
Would atone,
For a Lamb without spot,
Could cleanse those who were not,
And He wanted,
That we’d be His own.

So don’t put yourself down,
Nor speak out with a frown,
”I am worthless,
I’m not worth a jot”.
For the Lord up above
Descended in Love,
And declared,
”You are worth, My whole lot.”

© Ailsa Yates 30/8-8/9/06