Easter Acrostic

Every day He brings new life,
All fear He’s overcome; and strife,
Such love He came, to all to give,
The Cross He bore, that we might live,
Easter reminds us every day,
Rejoice !! For Jesus is the Way.

Rejoice ye saints, rejoice and sing,
Each day Easter, new hope brings,
Sing out the wonders of your Lord,
Until the whole world hears His Word,
Reach out His joy through all the land,
Renew your love for your fellow man,
Each person born, must know His love,
Command of this, came from Christ above,
That all be saved, His greatest plea,
Involving you, and involving me,
Only believe, then share His heart,
Now in His quest, you can play your part.

Surrender your will to His perfect plan,
Use His Spirit, and do all that you can,
Never give up, nor drop from the race,
Determine your mind; like flint set your face,
Align with His Word, and seep in His love,
You can do great things; with your Father above.

© Ailsa Yates 23-24/3/08