God’s Valentine

God shows His love out daily, Across His Universe, In the beauty of a flower, Or a strong uplifting verse. In the lilt of childish laughter, Or the beauty of His grace, In the kindness of another, We glimpse the Father’s face. And as people help each other, When disaster strikes our land, So we feel the Father’s loving, And we see His outstretched hand. For He shows His love through people, Especially His own, His Word says of His children, By their love, they shall be known. By our love for one another, Do we show whom we believe, And without the love of Jesus, Then His Spirit we would grieve. For God by very nature, Is the essence of all love, And this essence became human, And descended from above. In human form came Jesus Christ, God’s perfect Valentine, To give His life upon the Cross, So God could say, “You’re Mine”. To form a bridge, across the gulf, That satan’s lies had torn, God’s only Son, His Valentine, Left Heaven, and was born. And born into a lowly state, Like any child, He’d grow, With highs and lows, of family life, That our heartaches, He might know. So when we come to pray through Him, We can trust He’ll understand, He’ll stand before His Father, And display His nail pierced hand. In our defence, He’ll plead His case, Saying, “Father, these are Mine. You know, because You willed it so, When You sent Your Valentine”. © Ailsa Yates 15/2/2012