How Long

How many times does the Father forgive,

Those times that we do not pray?

Will He forever welcome us back,

No matter how often we stray?

We think of the friends that we didn’t call,

Or the ones who don’t give us a ring;

And we wonder if God feels the way that we do,

And if He will say anything.

How will He treat those sins we commit,

Again and again, day by day?

Can we rely on His grace to forgive,

Though fearful and faithless we stay?

We may get angry with those who hurt us,

Refuse them our trust evermore;

Wait till they prove that they really have changed,

And that we of them can be sure.

How do we know that His love is for real,

That nothing, from it, us can part;

How do we know that our God has the room,

For each of His kids, in His heart?

We look at the loves that have cast us aside,

Rejection we see all around;

And we wonder if there is a chance we can cling,

To this wonderful love we have found.

How do we know that His love will not tire,

Of our foolish, neglectful way?

There’s only one way to gauge His response, –

We see what His Word has to say!

And as we delve into the Word of our God,

His Spirit is here by our side,

He’ll show us the Scriptures he needs us to see,

He’s promised that He’ll be our guide.

So we can be sure of this love He has given,

That He will withdraw it never,

For Scripture assures us our Lord is the same,

Whether yesterday; today, or forever.

© Ailsa Yates 27-30/5/02