In Memory Of Ruth

God sends His special children,
Into this world of ours;
To human eyes they’re damaged,
Their minds or bodies marred.
But to their loving Father,
Who sees beyond the skin,
There stands a radiant spirit; —
He sees the truth within.
And though we may not see it,
It touches those around,
A look, a smile, an action;
It need not take a sound.
A voice that sings of beauty,
The eyes have never seen,
A heart that sees a heaven,
To which it’s not yet been.
God sends these special children,
To where there is a need,
For someone He can trust, in love,
To gently plant a seed.
They may not come with preaching,
Declaring message bold,
For there are those, this type of Word,
Will leave their spirit cold.
But they may show the love of God,
Just in their daily living;
By pressing through their ‘handicaps’,
And God’s love freely giving.
God has no damaged children,
Each child of His is whole,
For He redeemed His children,
In body, mind and soul.

© Ailsa Yates 27/2/01