Judas Did You Cry?

Judas, did you cry when your Lord you did betray?
Judas, did you cry when they hustled Him away?
When they threw your money at you, when it jangled in your hand,
Did you curse the ground you trod on, did you think that you were damned?

Did you pray for God’s forgiveness, did you hang your head in shame?
Did your heart it quail within you, every time you heard His Name?
When you took that rope, and took your life, upon that cursèd tree?
Did your heart have any inkling, that His death would set us free?

For you did the deed you had to, that would cause His death and pain,
Yet ‘twas only in His dying, that the world could freedom gain,
And His Blood was shed for one and all, for whomsoever came,
I wonder, at your moment’s end, if you called upon His Name.

For once you’d been His follower, a trusted, much loved, friend,
You’d walked with Him, and talked with Him, almost until the end,
You’d dined with Him, and wined with Him, and listened as He taught,
What caused you to betray Him, what brought that damning thought?

Did satan whisper in your ear, beguile you with his lies?
Did he blind you to the love that shone, from out your Saviour’s eyes?
We cannot know, we cannot tell, the fate of any soul,
But I pray that God forgave you, that He cleansed and made you whole.
© Ailsa Yates 21/3/08