Learning To Trust

Lean on Me, for I am strong,

I hear my Saviour say,

So why, then why, I need to know,

Does my heart still turn away?

His call is love, He holds out hope,

He’ll not His own condemn,

But often we reject this love,

And turn away from Him.

Is it so hard, for us to trust

The words of love He’ll give?

To dare to lean upon His Word,

And know He’ll help us live?

We look upon the world at large,

To gain our point of view,

And fail to turn our eyes on Him,

Who did our lives renew.

We came to Him, one blessed day,

Our lives placed in His hands,

Yet over time, we drift away,

Forget He understands.

He walked this soil, He trod this path,

He knew our fears and woe,

He came to earth, in human form,

To show us how to go.

He will not lead our feet astray,

Nor blame us when we fall,

But He will lift and lead us still,

If we listen for His call.

But we must learn to trust our God,

Be still and hear Him speak,

To dare to lean upon His strength,

When we are feeling weak.

We learn to trust, we learn to hear,

To listen and obey,

To take the path our Lord has shown,

In all we do or say.

And as we trust upon our God,

We grow in joy and grace,

We show His love in all we do,

His light shines from our face.

© Ailsa Yates 28/2/07