One Day When…..

I wish it was Monday, cries the worn out Mum,
When the kids are at school, I can get more things done.
I wish it was Friday, thinks the man at his desk,
For only at weekends, do I get any rest.

I wish I was sixteen, and then I could drive,
Once you get a car, then you know you’re alive.
I wish I was eighteen, an adult in the law,
And no-one could censor the films that I saw.

I wish it was Autumn, when the weather will cool,
I don’t have the time to splash round in a pool;
I wish for the Winter, the cool cleansing rain,
Or even that springtime might come round again.

Oh, goodness! It’s Summer, and Christmas is near,
Whatever did happen, to the rest of the year?
It passed by so quickly, I never did see,
What happened around, or what’s happening to me.

My life rushes by, in a mad, whirling haze,
How foolish I was, to wish gone my days,
For my days, they are numbered, so says the Good Book,
And there’s work I must do, if I take time to look.

For God has a purpose for each of our hours,
To do, or to pray; work, sleep, or smell flowers!
If we look to Him, and take time to pray,
He will show us the beauty, in every day.

Though not every day, is just how we’d choose,
Our days are too precious, that any we’d lose;
And when we spend time, to wish them away;
We miss out on the joys, of that very day.

The future is coming, and has its own pace,
We just lose the present, when toward it we race.
The past it is gone, and we can’t get it back,
When we look from the future, at the time that we lack.

So live in the present, and live for the Lord,
His hand it will guide us, if we dwell in His Word,
His strength will sustain us, His Spirit give might,
His love give us comfort, and courage in fright.

For He is our Shepherd, and He knows the Way,
His hand it will guide us, and lead us each day;
And we must be trusting, to live at His speed,
He knows each of our lives, and knows our daily need.

© Ailsa Yates 19/1/2005

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