Palm Sunday

The palm leaves waved, and the crowd went wild,
As we walked along that day,
But who could foresee the change in the crowd,
That was less than a week away?

Well God could foresee, and His only Son knew,
That those hearts now so happy, would turn,
Their cheers become jeers, and ‘Hosannas’ cry, ‘Kill,
Crucify Him’, we’ve nothing to learn

From this Man who would preach God’s love to all men,
Who declares, He’s the Son of our God,
We’ll quickly decry, and we’ll quickly forget,
All the miracles where He has trod.

There’s the blind who now see, and the lame who now walk,
And the thousands whom He often fed,
His twelve close companions who walked by His side,
And the hundreds whom He’d often led.

But we have been offered a wonderful sight,
A man crucified on a cross,
His clothes have been torn, and gambled away,
He’s suffered a terrible loss.He was beaten and whipped, He was bullied and scorned,
Degraded and spat on and cursed,
Had he murdered a king, or a thousand and one,
His treatment could not have been worse.He was raised on a Cross, on a hill, in a tip,
With a sign that said ‘King of the Jews’,
And some cheered, and some wept, as they suddenly saw,
As He hung there, all they had to lose.

For the sky grew black, and the thunder roared,
As the Heavens declared God’s pain,
And those who had heard Him preach, despaired,
They never would see Him again.

But the third day came, and He rose again,
As He’d preached and promised He would,
The disciples wept and cheered with joy,
And declared that, “God is good”.

Two thousand years on, and still we fear,
When the sky of our life turns black,
But if we stop, and we listen, and take time to hear;
We will hear, “Hey, I’m coming back.

In fact, I have been with you all the way,
Despite any trouble and woe,
When you asked Me in, I promised to stay,
Be with you, and never to go”.

When the times are good we can wave and cheer,
And show that our faith is strong,
But we need to remember that ‘Palm Sunday’ feel,
When the tough times come along.

It may feel like our Saviour is dead and gone,
That He’s left us to die, on His tree,
But He did it for one thing, and one alone,
He died just to set us free.

So hold onto your hat, and hold onto His hand,
Set your sights on His truth and His way,
When life seems too hard, or your burden too great,
Think :- ‘His mercies are new every day’.

Let Easter remind us, how great is His love,
How it was, and forever will be,
He died on that Cross, and He did it in love,
For you, and for ‘them’, and for me.

But it didn’t end there, for He rose from the grave,
Having triumphed o’er satan and hell,
And He bids us to sing, and rejoice in this fact;
That, through Christ, with my soul, “it is well”.

© Ailsa Yates 13/4/2019