From The LordPoems

Alone Again

Lord, why do I always feel alone?
I know You are with me,
And people are all around,
But still I feel alone …….

From The LordPoems

In Memory Of Ruth

God sends His special children,
Into this world of ours;
To human eyes they’re damaged,
Their minds or bodies marred.

But to their loving Father,
Who sees beyond the skin,
There stands a radiant spirit; —
He sees the truth within …….

From The LordLovePoems

Loving Others

There are lessons to learn, and some cannot wait,
But without love we’re left with a space.
To learn how to love and not walk in hate,
We need to come into Your grace.

From The LordPoems

One Day When…..

I wish it was Monday, cries the worn out Mum,When the kids are at school, I can get more things done.I wish it was Friday, thinks the man at his desk,For only at weekends, do I get any rest. I… Continue Reading…

From The LordPoems

Do You Know

You are loved beyond measure,To the Lord, a great treasure,A lost slave,Whom He died to set free;You’re His pride and His joy,His own girl or boy,Whatever you thinkOr believe. You are not ‘just a pest’.Nor lumped in with the restOf… Continue Reading…

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