Have I told you lately that you’re special?
Have I told you lately that you’re Mine?
Have I told you that I hold you, in the palm of My hand?
P.S. — I love you.

Have you heard Me whisper, “She’s My baby.”
Have you heard Me shout, “Here’s My child”?
Have you seen My pride when I gaze at you?
P.S. — I love you.

My love can hold and protect you.
My love can help you stand tall.
It can help you step out so boldly,
And enfold My baby so small.

You don’t need to prove that you love Me,
You don’t need to prove that you care,
Just simply dare to approach Me,
In the knowledge; I’ll always be there.

I’m waiting to show you My power,
To fill you and thrill you with love;
There’s never a child has to earn what is theirs :–
The Father’s love flows from above.

Your birth was no hiccup in nature,
Mistakes are not part of My law;
Each child that is born has a purpose,
And each of My love can be sure.

Though your sins were the cause of My suffering,
Though this world led Me into great pain,
My love for each one never lessened,
And if need be, I’d do it again.

But My work on the Cross, it was finished,
Was finished both then and for now,
Just know, darling child, that I love you,
Don’t struggle with when, why or how.

There’s a place in My heart for each baby,
There’s a place in My heart for each soul,
And the ones that are broken and damaged,
By My Blood, and My love, are made whole.

So come to My arms, little darling,
Come to My arms My own child,
Trust in My love, which has formed you,
For My love can not be defiled.

My prophet can speak out My message,
To one or to all who are near,
But My child has only to listen,
If My whispers of love they would hear.

For My love, though I whisper’s, no secret,
Though sometimes it’s hidden from view,
As you seek, and you search, and you chase Me,
I surprise you with, “Psst. I love you.”

© Ailsa Yates 17/9/00