Reach My Children

Growing in God’s garden, like a little flower,
Basking in the warmth of love, every single hour,
Such should be a child’s life, learning of God’s love,
Mirrored in their parents, the Father up above.

Knowing they can trust Him, just like Mum and Dad,
His decisions for them, bringing good, not bad,
Even in chastisement, knowing love is there,
Pain is for a moment, always there is care.

Such would be a perfect world, following God’s way,
But the world drifts far from this, more and more each day,
Children seeing evil, suffering such pain,
Hearing God’s Name sworn at them, time and time again.

How can they trust Father; learning Him to hate,
’Knowing’ that at best, He’s them, abandoned to their fate,
Or worse they’re told, that this is all, “according to His will”,
How can we expect them, just to love Him still?

We must reach them gently, show tender, loving care,
Let them know that Jesus, did not just leave then there,
God was telling people, “Rescue thee this one,
Let them know My love for them, and why I sent My Son.”

We must learn to listen, hearken to His call,
Knowing when to reach out, for though He wants us all,
There are some who must be reached, before it is too late,
Before they give up hope and heart, and give in to their fate.

“Rescue thee My children,” hear our Jesus cry,
Knowing of His love for them, we must surely try,
Reach out with His love and care, reach into their pain,
Try to rescue childlikeness , and help them trust again.

Jesus loves the child in us, whether big or small,
”Rescue thee My children,” speaks of one and all,
The body may have grown, formed round the soul a shell,
But Jesus says to rescue them, let them know that all is well.

“Rescue thee My children”, Jesus says once more,
”For all as little children, will meet Me on that shore,
Become as little children, and know to trust My love,
Together we will step into, God’s throne-room up above.

And I will say, dear Father, just look at these with Me,
My brothers and My sisters, I am bringing unto Thee,
For someone heard My pleading, and someone heard My call,
To, rescue thee My children, and bring them, one and all.”

© Ailsa Yates 27/10/06

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