Redeemed from the depths of doubt and despair,
Bought back from the devil’s, strong hold;
I wonder if any are truly aware,
Of the cost for which we were sold.

For our sale wasn’t made at the devil’s behest,
In fact he will fight all the way;
For though we’ve been bought through the death of the Best,
He would rather in hell, we would stay.

He thought he had conquered when God gave His Son,
That our futures to him had been given;
He thought death had beaten the Almighty One,
And he’d gained all for which he had striven.

But Life conquers death, just as Light conquers dark,
So satan can never succeed;
For come Easter morning, Christ rose like the lark,
And from satan His people are freed.

Redeemed by the power of God’s precious Son,
By His Life which he poured on us each;
From the moment God’s earthly life had begun,
The extent of His love He tried teach.

But our minds are so cramped by the world and its way,
The depth of His love we can’t know;
So He gave us His Spirit of love here to stay,
That He daily this love might us show.

Now satan may blind our eyes for a day,
A month or even for years;
Convincing us, that all in our way,
Is misery, heartache and fears.

But God’s Holy Spirit has power to free,
Redeem us from all of all of this pain;
To allow, that God’s precious love we should see;
And be reconciled to Him, again.

Redeeming our spirit was done at the Cross-,
Redeeming our soul’s done each day,
For daily He’s searching that we shan’t be lost,
Whenever from Him we do stray.

So when you have wandered and lost sight again,
Don’t think that you’re in despair;
God understands our fears and our pains,
And wherever we go – He’s been there.

He’s there, and He’s waiting, His little lost child,
To turn and gaze at Him at last;
To know as He saw us, He looked and He smiled,
And His Blood washed away all our past.

His Grace and His Mercy and His endless Love,
Are given to us without measure;
The Father, the Son and the Spirit above,
Regard us as His greatest treasure.

Redeemed for His pleasure, redeemed by His pain,
Redeemed that others might hear;
That all can be reconciled to Him again,
He would have all His children draw near.

He would have us draw near to His love,
To allow him to keep us from harm;
Accept that our Father above,
Enfolds us in His loving arms.

©Ailsa Yates 12/4/00

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