Seeing God

To see God in a raindrop,
Or in a baby’s grin,
I need to let Him touch my heart,
And let His love flood in.

I need to bring these fences down,
That keep me ‘safe’ inside,
To know that, from the Lord above,
There’s no place I can hide.

Nor should I even want to,
Hide from the Master’s touch,
For truly He’s my Father,
Who loves me very much.

And yet we run for cover,
Whenever He draws near,
Who is it tries to tell us,
God’s Someone we must fear?

The Bible tells of Godly fear,
A very different kind,
Than the crippling, tearing, hurtful thoughts,
That satan brings to mind.

True Godly fear’s, respectful awe,
For the majesty and might,
For the awesome, living, mighty love,
That can make our fears take flight.

To see God in a rainbow,
His smile on the face of a friend,
Is to remember what Scripture has told us,
He is Love; … from beginning to end!

© Ailsa Yates 5/6/2004

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