From The LordPoems

Alone Again

Lord, why do I always feel alone?
I know You are with me,
And people are all around,
But still I feel alone …….

From The LordPoems

Do You Know

You are loved beyond measure,To the Lord, a great treasure,A lost slave,Whom He died to set free;You’re His pride and His joy,His own girl or boy,Whatever you thinkOr believe. You are not ‘just a pest’.Nor lumped in with the restOf… Continue Reading…

From The LordPoems

Become Like Christ

Do you ever wonder,What God has in mind for you?Do you ever ask yourself,What would He have me do? There are clues He’s given,Things He’s set out straight,Check out His instructions,Before it is too late. He would have us walk… Continue Reading…

From The LordPoems

Reach My Children

Growing in God’s garden, like a little flower,Basking in the warmth of love, every single hour,Such should be a child’s life, learning of God’s love,Mirrored in their parents, the Father up above. Knowing they can trust Him, just like Mum… Continue Reading…

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