The Person Within

Soft rain falling, soaking down,
Is that how God’s true love is found?
Soaking, seeping, into our heart,
Refreshing a union we had from the start.

Before we were formed, God knew our soul,
He’d made us, and in Him, we were truly whole;
No matter the flaws that you see in me,
That isn’t the way He sees me to be.

The lame and the crippled, the crooked and bent,
Don’t show the perfection our Father meant,
And yet if we looked, like God, within,
To see true perfection, we might just begin.

God looks on the heart, and the spirit of man,
He sees deep within us, as only He can,
And yet, if we tried, to see people this way,
I think we would find, more joy in each day.

Look into their eyes, and look into their smile,
With practice, that’s all that you’ll see, in a while,
You won’t see her scars, or his twisted limb,
You’ll truly be looking at her or at him.

And many a beautiful spirit, and mind,
Are buried within damaged bodies, you’ll find;
True beauty is not just the first thing you see,
And the ‘ugly’ are crying, “Please, look within me.”

Don’t decide on first glance, that you don’t want to know,
Or choose on your way, just to hurry and go,
Stop and think, “What would Jesus, now want me to say?”,
Or even; “What if Jesus, were disguised in this way?”

Would you pass Him, or snub Him, or brush Him aside?
Would you show Him your back, your face from Him hide?
And yet, He has told us, just what we should do,
You said Lord, to see, the ‘least’ person , as You.

So our hearts they must soften, with Your falling rain,
We must let Your voice teach us again and again,
”Don’t judge, nor despise, nor accuse them of sin,
When you look at My children, see the person within.”

© Ailsa Yates 31/5/2007

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