When East Met West

East is east, and west is west,
And never the twain shall meet; – they say,
But east met west, and west met east,
In Christ; upon that day.

The thunder roared, the lightening cracked,
And the curtain split in two;
As Christ was slain upon that Cross;
Sacrificed for me and you.

He gave His life, He gave His all,
When slain upon that tree,
He let His blood and love flow down,
As He died for you and me.

And the angels wept, and the sky grew dark,
As the curtain split down from the rod,
And the Roman soldier stood in awe, and said;
”Truly; this was the Son of God.”

So what do you say when you look on the Cross
Upon which your Saviour died?
Do you dare to stand up and say “Thank You, Lord”,
Or will Jesus once more be denied?

For He is your Saviour, whatever you think,
He died on that Cross, just for you,
But He left you free to make that choice,
To decide what you want to do.

You can take this gift, which He’s given with joy,
And thank God every day you’re alive,
Or decide you’d rather ‘just go it alone’,
And depend on yourself to survive.

You may say that a Christian’s just using a crutch,
Or deceiving themselves in a lie,
But I’d rather be leaning on Jesus, my Lord,
Than struggling alone till I die.

He’s offering peace, and He’s offering hope,
And a joy that wells up from within,
He offers us healing, He offers us love,
And the Father’s forgiveness from sin.

It’s never too late and it’s never too soon,
To reach out and grasp what He’ll give,
Just open your heart and invite Him right in,
And see how He’ll help you to live.

He’ll give you His strength, to walk through each day,
He’ll share in your burdens and care,
And when the accuser points right in your face,
You’ll find Jesus, your Lawyer, is there.

He’ll say, “Father, I hear that this soul’s been accused,
And maybe those things said are true,
But already I’ve been there, and I’ve paid the price,
And I’ve claimed this soul, just for You.

”But He cannot claim that, if you’re not His own,
If you’ve never given Him the right,
If He’s not your Saviour, if you’ve not asked Him in,
Then for you He cannot take the fight.

So think of those things that this ‘Man’ Jesus did,
As He hung on that Cross long ago,
And ask Him to come, with His hope, to your heart,
And to more of His nature, you show.

And ask of His Spirit, to teach you the way,
To make Him your Saviour and Lord,
To guide you, to teach you, to open your eyes,
To the truth and the life in His Word.

Your heart it will soften, and learn to believe,
Till your mouth will declare Him to be,
Your Lord and your Saviour, your Father, your God,
And your soul be forever set free.

© Ailsa Yates (5-5.30am) 6/4/07 (Good Friday morning)

© 6/1/