You Are

You are the child of My choosing,
You are the child of My love,
You are the child I anointed,
As I poured forth My Spirit from above.

You are the child that I rescued,
For you it was that I died,
Your face it was ever before Me,
As I prayed in the Garden, and cried.

My favour is ever upon you,
My heart it is tuned to your cry,
You need know you have only to ask it,
The times that You want Me draw nigh.

Don’t ask Me to judge like My people,
Nor look for My wrath and My scorn,
I love every one of My children,
From a time long before they were born.

My people have strayed from My likeness,
You look at the things you can see,
If you would know why someone does what they do,
You must look at their heart, — just like Me.

Though man cannot see to the centre
Of a heart, not even their own,
So judge not yourself, oh My own one,
Be content that by Me you are known.

Let go of the whys and the wherefores,
Of the terrors and turmoil and fright,
Hold tight to the truth, — “I am with you”,
I am with you through day and through night.

I have promised to never forsake you,
No, never to leave you alone,
Yes, I’ve told you that you may come boldly,
And stand before My Father’s throne.

For My Father, now is yours also,
He sees you the way He sees Me,
For you were the reason He sent Me;
He longed that His children be free.

So know who you are, My dear sister,
Know who you are My dear friend,
You’re a child of the King of all Glory,
And you’re loved by a Love without end.

© Ailsa Yates 30/9-1/10/00