Often we place more expectations upon ourselves than God does, He knows and understands our weaknesses and failings.

Dear God, You made us with such love,
Such thought, such art, such care;
How can we look upon Your work,
And yet not see You there?

We set too high a goal for self,
And worry when we fail;
You only want to show us love,
And help to trim our sail.

You plot our course across the sea,
Our way across the lake;
You guide us daily by Your Son,
And love us for His sake.

We fear we cannot do enough,
And this is surely true;
For nothing that we do can earn,
This love we seek from You.

We cannot earn it, though we work,
From morning until night;
Because our Saviour died for us,
Your love becomes our right.

And we become Your righteousness,
Your Son has told us so;
Though we may fear to make this claim,
It’s something we must know.

We need to know ourselves in Thee,
To love what You have made;
Accept whatever gifts You’ve given,
Not hide away – afraid.

To take the time to be with You,
In love and joy and peace;
To just relax and rest in You,
And let our struggles cease.

Dear Lord, I thank You for this love,
This love poured out for me,
And pray You’ll help me hold on tight,
When inner eye can’t see.

Keep me in close communion sweet,
And help me always pray,
That I might ever in Your will,
Begin to walk – and stay.

© Ailsa Yates 6/1/97