Sometimes I feel we need different ways to address our prayers, not that God requires this, Jesus taught us to simply start with “Our Father” but because at times, this may not ‘feel quite right’ to us. Or perhaps it is just me that ever feels this way, anyway that’s what prompted this poem.

My Lord, my God, my Father,

Which name should I use?

Whichever one – You listen,

It’s up to me to choose.

In prayers of supplication,

My Lord springs first to mind;

It seems a tad more formal

For hard request; I find.

In prayers of adoration,

My God, seems quite okay,

It seems a touch more friendly,

For what I need to say.

In prayers where I just need You,

My Father bubbles out,

It takes away the servant,

And lets Your child come out.

So many names and titles,

When e’er we come to You;

Yet all the time You listen

To what we say and do.

And if we pause to listen,

To what You want to say,

We give Your Spirit freedom

To teach us day by day.

© Ailsa Yates 18/1/97