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From The LordPoems

Become Like Christ

Do you ever wonder,What God has in mind for you?Do you ever ask yourself,What would He have me do? There are clues He’s given,Things He’s set out straight,Check out His instructions,Before it is too late. He would have us walk… Continue Reading…

From The LordPoems

What Is a Christian?

A Christian is not squeaky clean,A perfect girl or guy,A Christian makes some awful blues,They’re just like you and I. They are not always saintly,Though you think they ought to be,They lose their cool, or speak unkind,They’re just like you… Continue Reading…

FirstOfAllFrom The LordPoems

Palm Sunday

The palm leaves waved, and the crowd went wild,As we walked along that day,But who could foresee the change in the crowd,That was less than a week away? Well God could foresee, and His only Son knew,That those hearts now… Continue Reading…


Reawakening to God’s Blessings

God gives us many blessings.Please let me list a few,The sun, the moon, the rain, the stars,Soft breeze and morning dew. The smile upon a baby’s face,The kind word of a friend,I’m sure if we would really think,Our list would… Continue Reading…

FirstOfAllFrom The LordPoems

Easter Acrostic

Every day He brings new life,All fear He’s overcome; and strife,Such love He came, to all to give,The Cross He bore, that we might live,Easter reminds us every day,Rejoice !! For Jesus is the Way. Rejoice ye saints, rejoice and… Continue Reading…

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