In the Valley

Howso this Love I write about,
Wouldst turn His light from me?
Who is’t can cause my heart to doubt,
That there is love for me?

My mind would ride a path alone,
To darkness and despair,
Would take me far from my own home,
And laughing, leave me there.

Yet Love persistent, in His way,
Would seek to find me still;
In love He keeps me every day,
And plans me, good, not ill.

The One who planned the world around,
Once held me in His hand,
And when I wandered far from Him,
He searched ‘till I was found.

He will not leave a lamb that’s lost,
To wander all alone,
For He’s already paid the cost,
To claim it for His own.

And though my mind in darkness lies,
No hope to see the Way,
Yet still the Lord, persistent, tries,
He calls me every day.

And every day, I hide from Him,
Afraid to show my face,
For, knowing doubt and fear are sin;
I’m fearful of His grace.

Afraid to face this Love, that I,
Could never understand,
Afraid to look, or even try,
To take His outstretched hand.

This hand that bore the nail for me,
His body racked with pain,
He gave His life upon that tree,
And would do so again.

And though I hide and cower here,
My face I turn away,
He does not shun me for my fear,
But close beside will stay.

And softly whisper Words to me,
Until I dare to hear,
His Words will cleanse and set me free,
And wash away my fear.

For ‘tis not God who’ll me condemn,
Since I am in His Son,
He’ll hold me ‘till my doubts I stem,
The battle has been won.

Christ won the battle long ago,
That day upon the tree,
He loved His Dad, and people so,
He marched to Calvary.

For though He seemed to crawl along,
His heart and body torn,
His Spirit-man was ever strong,
‘Twas for **this **day, He was born.

And to this truth, my heart must cling,
In the valley’s darkest hour,
And I, His praises loud must sing,
And claim His strength and power.

And He will walk me out once more,
Into His love and light,
To see the blessings He’s in store,
Once I can stand and fight.

And as I stand, my arms upraised,
I’ll hear a mighty shout,
“All glory, let the Lord be praised,
His en’mies put to rout.”

For He has brought His people through,
Though fire and flood assail,
And He has done, what He said He’d do,
For **His **Word, will never fail.

© Ailsa Yates 21-25/9/04

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