Alone Again

Lord, why do I always feel alone?
I know You are with me,
And people are all around,
But still I feel alone.
Everyone has someone to love them,
Someone who thinks they are extra special,
Do they?
Or is that just my misconception?
Does everyone around feel themselves unloved
At some time?
Or at least, most people?
Surely it’s not just me?
It seems that others are loved,
And I am not,
By their spouse, or parents,
By their kids or partner.
Many people are
Surrounded by love
And care.
But many are not
It’s not just I that feels this way,
Look at the suicides,
Look at the drug and alcohol abuse,
The mental asylums.
Are we unloved,
These lost and lonely ones,
Or is it just that we can’t see,
The love around?
Do you tire of telling us,
Or expecting us to know?
Our friends,
And family.
Would you tire of feeding a baby,
Six, eight, ten times a day,
If it needed you,
So to do?
We do not survive
On a snack of love,
Tossed our way,
Once in a blue moon.
We ache for love,
For reassurance,
For approval and acceptance,
Like a dry parched land,
We drink it in,
And are not quenched
Or satiated.
Even God’s love
Does not reach our driest parts,
Because we dare not
Let it.
You do not love us,
We do not love us,
How can He, who has so many,
Care about one like us.
How do we break the cycle,
Of fear,
And withdrawal?
Drip your friendship in this aching heart,
Spray acceptance, gently, all around,
Pour approval, on the doubting mind,
Prepare the ground, that God may plant His seeds.
Seeds of love that need your tender care,
The ground is rocky, but the soil is there,
It’s lain barren far too long,
Its goodness leached by words and actions wrong.
Be patient, friend, or find another task,
For your long suffering is what we ask,
Help us to see, that loved we too can be,
We can be loved, and from this pain be free.
For God is love, and we are not apart,
There’s room for us, within His tender heart,
But we need help, to really know it’s true,
And, sorry friend, we need this help from you.

© Ailsa Yates 28/1/06