What Is a Christian?

A Christian is not squeaky clean,
A perfect girl or guy,
A Christian makes some awful blues,
They’re just like you and I.

They are not always saintly,
Though you think they ought to be,
They lose their cool, or speak unkind,
They’re just like you or me.

But there’s Someone that a Christian has,
To help them through the day,
God’s Holy Spirit lives in them,
To help to show the way.

He’ll give a nudge, and prompt them,
When they are heading wrong,
He’ll whisper gently in their hearts
To help them move along.

And when they’re getting cranky,
Or just a little stressed,
He tells them God is watching,
And is really ‘not impressed’.

But He will not condemn them,
Or tell them they’re no good,
But gently He’ll remind them,
To think the way they should.

To cast their worries on the Lord,
To lean upon the Word,
To think about the things He said,
Remember what they’ve heard.

For He will give them perfect peace,
Whose mind on Him is stayed,
And welcome back with open arms,
A lost soul who has strayed.

And every day our mind renews,
As we read about His way,
And we grow more like our Saviour,
As we follow day by day.

A Christian is not perfect,
Nor should they claim to be,
But as we try to grow like Christ,
We hope His love you’ll see.

A Christian is a ‘Christ’s one’,
We hope His love to show,
And if we show His love and joy,
It’s Him you’ll want to know.

Don’t blame Him for our failures,
But thank Him for our good,
For it’s only by His grace and strength,
When we live the way we should.

And if somehow we bless you,
Please send your thanks above,
The best thing we could share with you,
Is God’s hope, and joy, and Love.

©Ailsa Yates 14/5/07